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  I'm pleased you have entered our web pages. We have been breeding Maincoon cats from the year 2000. Our cattery of Mainecoon cats is small, even though it has become bigger than we have expected. We think about our cats more as the members of our family than just pets. They play very important part in our everyday life. Of course we have taken part in many cat’s exhibitions, but usually just at the ones, which are not too far away. We live in a family house with a garden in the city Olomouc. They have nice spacious aviary, where they like to stay. However, most of the time, they spend with us, at house or outside in the aviary which is a part of our garden. Kittens are not used to go to the garden, so they will not miss it in the case that a new owner will not have one. We have decided to have kittens only one time within a year from each female. Sometimes we are planning but cats and nature are doing something else…
  New kittens are available after 3 months from the birth, when they are nursed enough, without worms, vaccinated and used to everyday life with a human.
  Kittens are not brought up at cages or some isolation. We expect from new owners the same nice and careful care, full of love like we do, to find in them new friends for many years. Not to have them just as a toy for children or just a short-time hobby. With that I don’t mean mainecoons are not suitable for family with children – we have children, dog. Kittens usually get use to new owners within one week without any problems. We stay in touch with the new owners so they can contact us with any questions, problems, with messages and new pictures of our growing kittens, which always make us happy.
  I can’t say that maincoons are the best race of cats, because I have not breed any other types (except domesticated cat). In my opinion, every cat is a personality and it does not matter whether it is a pure-breaded or domesticated cat. I have chosen the main coons for many reasons, one of them is that for the first look you are an owner of a little tiger, but on the other hand it can be unbelievably kind, cute, playful…by one word, fantastic.

Nechci vyzdvihovat plemeno mainských mývalích koček, protože jsem jiné plemeno (kromě kočky domácí) nechovala. Podle mého názoru je každá kočka osobnost, ať už je ušlechtilá nebo domácí. Já jsem si vybrala mainecoony z mnoha důvodů a jeden z nich je, že máte doma na první pohled šelmu, která budí respekt, ale zároveň umí být neuvěřitelně milá, sladká, nevtíravá, láskyplná, hravá… prostě úžasná.

 MAIN - because we live with maine coon cats
 BASTET - it is a name of a kind Egyptian goddess with woman's body and cat's head, who helps others to go through their lives with bigger happiness and better fertility. During the times of worshiping her, cats have had really good lives. So that is why we have decided to "borrow" her from the Egyptians as our guarder.
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